Ken Williams is a full-time writer and dog lover who has an interest in researching on the topic of dog health. His father was a veternarian, and much of Ken's dog knowledge was inherited. Even so, he still relentlessly reads up on issues such as dog arthritis and cataracts to understand the issues that dogs face late in their lives, and how to treat them.
Jessica Woodham is a dog writer who has an equally strong love in clear and helpful writing. She views the job of a writer to be similiar to a doctor's. Both require thorough analysis and lots of care. On her off days, she likes to give her dogs Tom and Gibson a good neck massage. Jessica likes to groom her dogs personally in order to have a better bond with them.
Rachel Livingston is our resident dog food expert. Her interest in dog diet covers a wide scope, from the natural raw diet to tasty treats that are made specifically for dogs. Rachel has 3 dogs and has grown up around dogs ever since she was five years old. She strong affinity for dogs has led her to believe that dogs are as human as ourselves, in that they experience the same range of emotions as us.
Faith Courtney is a dog lover who can't get enough of K9 love. She's had dogs around her home since she was 8 years old. Many years on, she still keeps dogs around her home. Her family likes nothing more than to take their 4 dogs out to the a dog park where they all can stretch their legs. Faith is an active dog mother in her community. She makes time on the weekend for other dog owners in need of help.