Any food or drinks that contain alcohol can be downright lethal for your dog. It only takes a little bit of alcohol to have severely damaging effects on a dog's internal organs. This is due to alcohol having the same effect of a dog's liver as it does on ours..

It only takes a small sip to cause your dog to vomit, become depressed, have coordination problems or even breathing difficulties. The worst case scenario for your dog is death. Also, the smaller your dog is, the greater the danger. This is because smaller dogs have less mass to break down the alcohol.
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Faith Courtney is a dog lover who can't get enough of K9 love. She's had dogs around her home since she was 8 years old. Many years on, she still keeps dogs around her home. Her family likes nothing more than to take the dogs out to the a dog park where they all can stretch their legs.

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